Recent Transactions

Dynamic Capital created solutions for more than 350 customers in 2013. Whether you are focused on one area of business management, have a specific stage of growth, or have needs that are unique to your business segment, we can deliver the right cash flow solution for your business. Here's some highlights of the deals that we funded in 2013. 

Q1 | 2014


Capital Lease



Sale Lease Back

Oil & Gas

Q4 | 2013

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Capital Lease



Term Loan


Q3 | 2013


Capital Leases

Oil & Gas


Evergreen Facility



Share Purchase Loan


Q2 | 2013


Refinance and Working Capital



Refinance Loan



Sale Leaseback

Heavy Construction

Consolidation Loans

$7MM for a well-established forestry customer.  This client found themselves offside with financial covenants imposed by their lead bank.  Using their current fleet of forestry equipment as security, we were able to structure a consolidation loan that enabled us to meet the client’s two primary objectives; raising short term working capital and improving cash flow by terming out existing debt.   This facility improved some key financial metrics, brought the client onside with their financial covenants, and enabled the customer to resume their core business operations without the distractions of liquidity concerns and covenant breaches.

Capital Injection

$5MM in term financing for an oil and gas services client.  Prior to the refinancing by Dynamic, the client had 100% of their fleet pledged as security for term financing with a variety of financial institutions.  The consolidation loan improved the company’s cash flow by terming out their existing debt and raised capital by leveraging the loan to value against their fleet. The net result of the transaction was lower debt servicing, stronger liquidity via the capital injection, and the reduction of security pledged against the financing.

Pre Approvals    

$8MM in capital lease Pre Approvals for a transportation client in the oil and gas industry. The client had strong organic growth and needed the ability to act quickly and seize immediate opportunities.  With Pre-Approvals in hand they were able to expand their existing fleet by 50% over an 18 month period. Growing the fleet allowed them to keep up with demand for their services and keep pace with the competitors in their space. 

Share Purchase Agreements

$13MM acquisition of a contracting company funded with a term loan.  Dynamic Capital successfully facilitated the financing by way of a share purchase agreement. The transaction was underwritten in the construction space and was negotiated and closed over the course of 7 months. The financing was based on leveraging rolling stock assets to fund a large portion of the sale price.